I’m Milan Radojičić,

destination wedding photographer. I am located in Belgrade, Serbia and shoot weddings all around the world.

This page is named as meet me - but actually it should be name meet us. Behind all of this work is small team of 3. My wife Jelena, my daughter Djurdjina and me. I do not say this because they are part of my family - they are actively involved in all of our work. In fact, all of the weddings photographed we do together - she is my partner not only in life but in business too...

If you somehow ask yourself we this page is not named Milan and Jelena or similar - it is because I was already making my own photos when I hired Jelena as my assistant and married her eventually..
So, it is not far from true if we say that photography is our life. Love to photography connected us and from the love we feel and share personally - Djurdjina is born, as a new strength and motivation for everything we do. One of our biggest motivation is from you guys - every time we see you smiled and emotional at your wedding, when you see photos that you know you will have for the end of time - that is something that keeps us moving forward and happy with our work too.

Our part at your wedding is to capture all of the mesmerising, honest and emotional moments that you want to save and share for generations. We take care of capturing not only all of the atmosphere and spontaneous parts, but also to stay invisible so everyone could stay relaxed and natural.


Wedding Day Storytelling

We are storytallers and wedding photographer based in Belgrade but available around the world. Our style is combination of creativity, documentary photography and reportage. Use Nikon equipment.