Winter wedding in Vienna | S&Y

I planned my trip to Vienna, and ofcourse, my camera was with me – besides passport, the only thing I cannot travel without. The instagram post was published – I wanted to giveaway one couple with a free photo session. Soon after I had received few messages. I was intrigued by love story of Sabrine. She wrote to me how they met, and mentioned they already had a wedding ceremony, but no opportunity to arrange proper photo session. We were talking about their favorite places, location, what they like… The choice was set up at Belvedere – once amazing palace, and now amazing museum with astonishing garden, beautiful in winters as well in the summers. It was windy and cold, I was thinking how am I going to hold the camera…First time I saw them, all pretty in white wedding dress and suit I suddenly became super excited and felt cold no more. They started showing to me all the places they like, their favorite bench, where they like to walk… I gave my best to capture every single smile, look in their eyes and to express properly all the love and warm they have for each other.

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