Turkish Engagement in Jevremovac, Belgrade | Y&B

Bugra and Yanki were planning their first visit to Belgrade for a long time. While they were carefully preparing every detail for the trip, Yanki was short for one small , but life changing detail.

Bugra had contacted me with the idea to photograph the moment of his proposal to his girlfriend. On that occasion, he emphasised the importance of being discreet and invisible, because he did not want Yanki to suspect anything. Looking for the perfect place for the proposal, they fell in love with Belgrade Botanical garden Jevremovac. Decision was made….

I must to say that I was super excited, having in mind it was quite the new experience for me too. I was waiting for them at the garden with a camera, acting like a tourist and hoping Yanki will not notice me. With lot of excitement, I waited for Bugra to get his ring out and I started with catching the moments…. Their moments of happiness, emotions, excitement, better than any word…

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