Pastel Wedding in Belgrade I M&L

One afternoon in May, the river, Branko’s Bridge, Kalemegdan and Belgrade. The city which is  always different, which inspires and provides an array of creative possibilities and reaves incredible energy. The mixture of the old and modern, together with the spirit of people who make it pleasant. For sure, weddings in Belgrade don’t lack that energy which spreads to everything in it.

I somehow felt nervous because it was the wedding of my friend from college. He and the bride wanted that I follow them throughout the day, starting from preparations and walk through Belgrade and Kalemegdan, following their dinner and hanging out on the river. Kalemegdan is the special place for them, being that they have spent most of nights there, walking. That’s why they wanted to have memory of Belgrade fortress. My task was to convey that energy and emotion into memory for lifetime. To make their story, story to tell the history of the family to the future generations. Marija and Lazar and their story…

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