Dance of Love, Belgrade Wedding | J&V

Before the wedding ceremony and lunch, they wanted to take a walk at the streets of Belgrade, so they can recall all of the memories of the first days of their love.

Winter wedding in Vienna | S&Y

They started showing to me all the places they like, their favorite bench, where they like to walk... I gave my best to capture every single smile, look in their eyes and to express properly all the love and warm they have for each other.

Belgrade Outdoor Wedding | A&N

At the first sight of them, all the anxiety was gone. All I could see was happiness, love, smiley faces... All I had to do was to capture those moments....

Flower Power Wedding in Zornica Etno House | S&D

This wedding I have expected with impatience, and I am very excited about sharing the story with you. Sonja and Dimitrije, unique and specific at many things, had decided to create their's wedding at Zornica etno house, just outside of Belgrade...

Pastel Wedding in Belgrade I M&L

One afternoon in May, the river, Branko's Bridge, Kalemegdan and Belgrade. The mixture of the old and modern, together with the spirit of people who make it pleasant. For sure, weddings in Belgrade don't lack that energy which spreads to everything in it.

Cloudy Wedding on Dorcol, Belgrade Wedding | B&S

Clouds were pastel in color,but in Belgrade was spring on that day in April when they walked. Bilja turned heads in her wedding dress and her smile...